Series: #4 in the Blossom Street series
Genre: Fiction
Publication Date: 2007
Pages: 393
Support Your Local Library Challenge #19

This is one of two series by Debbie Macomber that I read and enjoy. The other is her Cedar Cove series. They make great ‘palate cleansing’ type books on my menu. After a darker or heavier book, this is the kind of light relaxing stuff I enjoy.
The Blossom Street series has a yarn shop on Seattle’s Blossom Street as it’s central location. Each book in the series includes some returning characters as well as shop owner Lydia and a few of the characters from previous books. Each book focuses on a few characters who take a knitting class at the shop from Lydia. Of course friendships are developed,, secrets are hidden and revealed and much tea is consumed. Like all of Macomber’s books, the focus in on women and their lives and the reader knows that everything will most likely turn out for the good in the end.

As a nod to the yarn shop locale and the author’s love for knitting there are also patterns included in the books related to whatever Lydia’s current class is knitting.

A nice light, predictable, enjoyable read.