Series: #1 in the Molly Murphy series
Genre: Cozy/ Historical Mystery
Publication Date: 2001
Pages: 226
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I hadn’t intended to start another series any time soon, but Lynne’s review of the most recent book in the series convinced me to give this one a try.

Molly Murphy is on the run from Ireland in 1901 after killing a wealthy landowner’s son. It was in self defense, but she knows that a poor girl trying to save herself from rape will most likely hang if it’s a rich man who is dead. She manages to make her way to England and then on to New York under a false identity. At Ellis Island, a man from the same ship Molly traveled on is brutally murdered and Molly finds herself among the suspect. She also finds herself attracted to the handsome Police Captain investigating the murder, but having to maintain her false identity to protect her friends.

Yes, it’s the typical intelligent plucky heroine and the plot coincidences are many , but I found myself forgiving all the predictability and just enjoying this quick and entertaining read.

I liked the combination of cozy mystery and historical fiction and I have a hard time resisting a smart turn of the century Irish heroine. I’ll definitely be continuing with this series and maybe even checking out Rhys Bowen’s other series featuring Constable Evans.