Series: #2 in the Sarah Booth Delaney series
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publication Date: 2000
Pages: 354
Support Your Local Library Challenge #16, TBR 2009 Challenge #10, What’s In a Name 2 Challenge #5 (Body Part)

Sarah Booth Delaney returned to Zinnia, Mississippi last year and ended up backing into a new career as a private investigator. It allowed her to save Dahlia House, the family home and also the home of the family ghost. Jitty was Sarah Booth’s great great grandmother’s nanny. She’s still hanging around Dahlia House watching out for Sarah Booth and mostly trying to get her married off and producing babies so that Jitty will have another generation of Delaney children to look after.

This book is about Sarah Booth’s second paid case as a PI. Lawrence Ambrose is a famous author and artist who has returned to his hometown of Zinnia late in life. He’s in the process of writing an autobiography of his years in Paris with many other famous artists and writers. At a dinner party he announces that his book will reveal many secrets his friends and acquaintances would rather not have made public. When Ambrose is found dead, his longtime friend hires Sarah Booth to find out who murdered him.

The investigation leads to many long hidden secrets and connections between people in and around Zinnia. It’s a fun cozy series with enough southern charm to make you smile and just enough mystery to keep it interesting. Besides, Jitty the ghost just cracks me up.