Genre: Fiction
Series: #3 in the Blossom Street series
Publication Date: 2006
Pages: 347
Support Your Local Library Challenge #11

After reading Little Bee I was ready for a bit of brain candy. I’m going in for some surgery on my back on Wednesday and was really looking for something light and enjoyable for this weekend. Normally Debbie Macomber’s books are light, predictable and enjoyable breaks for me. This one was a disappointment.

Susannah Nelson is fifty years old and suddenly obsessed with finding her long lost lost high school boyfriend, despite a long happy marriage. When her mother starts showing signs of declining health and ability to live on her own, Susannah decides to take her summer off from teaching to return to her hometown to help her mother and find out what happened to the high school sweetheart.

By this point I was not that interested, but because I’ve enjoyed Macomber’s books in the past, I stuck with it. I shouldn’t have bothered. Susannah and her daughter are both rather annoying characters and I wasn’t that interested in seeing either one get what they thought they wanted. I had figured out the ending twist about halfway through the book.

I really only read this because I knew it had a tangential relationship to the Blossom Street series, but that connection is nearly non-existent. I’ll stick with the Blossom Street series and the Cedar Cove series, but just can’t recommend this particular book.