Series: #3 in the Dr. Peter Zak series
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 293
TBR 2009 Challenge #5, Support Your Local Library Challenge #8, What’s In a Name 2 Challenge #4 (Medical Conditiion)

This series features a Forensic Psychologist. Dr. Peter Zak often works with defense teams to evaluate their clients and testify in court. When Peter is asked by a lawyer to check on an agitated and paranoid client, Peter arrives to find the mans wife brutally murdered. Nick Babakian is without a doubt a paranoid man, but did he kill his wife or did someone else. Is paranoia contagious? Some of the facts of this case soon have Peter remembering his own wife’s murder and believing that her killer is still taunting Peter from prison. Is that really happening or is he having reactions to the suspect’s paranoia?

Some of this book was good, parts were just OK, but all in all I like this series well enough to continue. There are only 5 book total in the series so I’m sure I’ll end up finishing them.