Genre: Fiction
Publication Date: 2009
Pages: 341
Support Your Local Library Challenge #6

I first heard about this book on Bookbrowse, and was able to get on the library waiting list while it was still relatively short. I’m glad I did. I was impressed with this first novel by Tiffany Baker.

It takes place in upstate New York beginning in 1953 with the birth of Truly Plaice and the death of her mother. Aberdeen is a small town, but Truly is a big girl. She’s much bigger than she should be due to what is eventually described as a pituitary gland problem. Truly’s older sister Serena Jane is petite and beautiful which only makes Truly’s differentness more apparent to herself as well as the rest of the town. This is a story of several generations of not only Truly’s family, but also the Morgans, who have for several generations spawned a line of doctors for the town.

When their father dies, Truly goes to live with the local poor farmer’s family while Serena Jane lives a life of privilege with the preacher’s family. Their lives continue on both separate and intertwining paths.

The quirky characters are both interesting and not wholly likeable, but I did enjoy the story. There’s a dark side to it along with a bit of revenge flavored folk medicine along the way. It’s hard to say much about the plot without getting mired in the complexities of it, so I’ll just say I did enjoy the book.