Series: #4 in the Aunt Dimity seriesGenre: Cozy Mystery
Publication Date: 1998
Pages: 275
TBR 2009 Challenge #3, Support Your Local Library Challenge #3, What’s In a Name 2 Challenge #1 (Relative)

This cozy series has its charms as well as its quirkiness. It’s set in the small village of Finch in the English Cotswolds region. Lori Shepard and her husband Bill Willis have settled in the cottage Lori inherited from her ‘Aunt Dimity’. Dimity wasn’t really her aunt, but a close friend to Lori’s mother. Lori has recently given birth to twin boys and is completely overwhelmed with caring for them and attempting to be the perfect mother. Her friends and husband conspire to help her out by arranging for a young local woman to be their nanny.

There’s turmoil brewing in Finch, though. Peggy Kitchen is furious with the vicar. He’s allowing a visiting professor of archaeology use the schoolhouse as a base of operations for a nearby dig, but Peggy is worried that this will interfere with her plans to use the schoolhouse for her revival of the tradition of a Harvest Festival. Which side will prevail: those who want the archaeologist to discover something that will make Finch famous, or Peggy and those who want to revive some historic village traditions?

And what does an old missing pamphlet have to do with it? Who stole the pamphlet from the vicarage? Will the professor and the nanny fall in love? Lori is out to find out and she’s got Aunt Dimity to help her. Oh yes, Dimity is dead, but she ‘talks’ to Lori by writing in a journal. Told you it had quirks to go with the charm.