Genre: Humor/ Essays
Publication Date: 2002
Pages: 225
A-Z Reading #49 (N Author)

Laurie Notaro used to write a humor column for an Arizona Newspaper. This collection of essays wasn’t as funny as some of the reviews indicated it might be, but it was a quick reading in short 3-5 page stories that was perfect for my holiday weekend reading which only occurred in short bursts.

I wanted this to make me laugh more than it did. About the best I could do was an occasional smirk or giggle. The 39 chapters were too heavy on the retelling of drunken exploits for my taste. I only finished it because it was such a quick read and every time I almost put it aside I came across a chapter that I thought was truly funny. The revenge on the date who stood her up was perfect and the chapter on Public bathroom etiquette was one of the few that did make me laugh.

Overall my feeling is ‘meh’ and I’m glad I got this from the library instead of buying it.