Series: #5 in the Amelia Peabody Series
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: 1988
Read by: Barbara Rosenblat

I really enjoy listening to this series. The editions of the first four I listened to were read by Susan O’Malley, I’m now listening to Barbara Rosenblat. They are both very good readers of this series, but I just love Barbara Rosenblat.

In this installment of the series the action takes place in England during the summer break that Archeologists Amelia and Emerson typically take between seasons in Egypt. The mystery still involves Egyptology and a mummy, but this time it’s one in the British Museum. Some of the returning characters are there, as well as some new ones. Amelia’s brother manages to dump his two children on Amelia and Emerson for the summer. This creates a humorous sideplot with their son Ramses. Ramses is getting a bit less annoying to me as he gets older.

Once again, Amelia is her usual somewhat smug and always entertaining self. She’s firmly feminist in the Victorian age. The books are written as if a journal by Amelia and some of her asides she slips in just make me giggle.