Series: # 1 in the Elvis Cole Series
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: 1987
Pages: 201
What’s in a Name Challenge #2 (Animal), A-Z Reading #7 (M Title)

This was my first book by Robert Crais and although I’ve heard that his later books are better, I wasn’t disappointed in this one at all. For a first novel, it was good enough to keep me thoroughly entertained and to want to read more of the series. Thanks go to Literary Feline because it was her review of this one that made me add it to my TBR list.

Elvis Cole is a private detective in L.A. He’s my favorite type of mystery series protagonist – smart, sarcastic, with no patience for authority figures, and loyal as can be to his friends no matter how frightening (Joe Pike) they may be. The fact that he has a cat who likes beer is a bonus – our late sainted gray ball of fur used to drink beer, but she only liked the good microbrews.

The story begins with Ellen Lang and her friend seeking Elvis Cole’s help to find Ellen’s missing husband and son. Of course it ends up being way more complicated than a missing person and possible abducted child. Elvis and his mysterious partner Joe Pike end up in a near urban war involving drugs, the mafia and a retired bullfighter. Bloody, but fun, and I’m adding the rest of this series to my TBR list.