I thought I was done with adding challenges for a while. I was, until I ran across this one at The Magic of Ink.

From February 1st – April 30th, 2008 – The Royalty Rules Reading Challenge
Rules: Read two, three, or four books of whatever genre you choose (fiction or non-fiction), whether you want to read about historical kings, modern queens, or fairytale princesses. The only parameter is that the books are about a royal personage, although not necessarily as the main character. It’s perfectly all right if you want to read a book about, say, the queen’s lady-in-waiting, as long as the story incorporates the rise and/or fall of a crowned head, or a sovereign’s entire life.Crossover with other challenges if you like.Young adult or children’s titles are encouraged, but not required.

Once again, it’s a challenge I can add without adding any books to my reading list. There are 3 books I’m reading for other challenges that qualify for this one.

Besides – the challenge logos are just cool.

These are the books I’ve got planned already that qualify for this challenge:

  • Peter the Great by Robert K. Massie (Non-fiction – Peter I of Russia)
  • The Diamond by Julie Baumgold (Fiction – Various French Kings and Napoleon)
  • The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander (Fiction – Nicholas II of Russia and Family)

I’m also looking for a good biography of Queen Victoria, but may not get it selected and read before the end of this challenge.