Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Published 2003
Pages: 467

This was a departure for Patterson. Although it had his typical hero vs. really evil bad guys scenarios, it was set in the 11th century. It really did end up being a good mystery, adventure and thriller with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure.

From the back cover:

Hugh De Luc returns from the Crusades to discover that his terrifying nightmare has just begun. Merciless killers have slain his young son, kidnapped his wife, Sophie, and destroyed his town in their search for a priceless relic from the Crucifixion. Hugh’s quest to find Sophie is one of the most pulse-pounding adventures, mysteries, and unforgettable love stories in all of thriller fiction.

It was a typical quick paced and quick reading Patterson book, but the setting and story were an interesting departure from his normal formula.