The 2nds Challenge was hosted by my friend Joy who challenged us to:

Between October 1st and December 31st read 3 books by authors that you have only read one other.

I selected three books for this challenge:

The best book: I Am the Messenger was by far my favorite, although I did enjoy Birds of a Feather.

What book could I have done without? Human Croquet was a huge disappointment. I’ve read two of Kate Atkinson’s books now and have felt let down by both

Any new authors? No, all were second reads by definition of the challenge

Books I did not finish: finished all I started

What did I learn? In Birds of a Feather I learned quite a bit about life in England after World War 1. I haven’t read much about that location and time frame so the economic hardships and the troubles the veterans went through was fairly new to me.

Thanks Joy! This was a fun challenge