Published: 1996
Genre: Fiction, Humor
Pages: 440

This one was purposely chosen because I was needing a light break from the many mysteries and non-fiction books I’ve been reading lately (and will continue to read for ongoing challenges). This was the second book by Marian Keyes that I’ve read and I have to say that I did not enjoy it as much as I did Watermelon. It served its purpose as a brain break.

Lucy Sullivan lives in London and her friends and roommates are part of the cast of characters. Lucy and 3 of her co-workers visit a fortune teller who tells Lucy that she’ll be married within a year and a half. Within a few days the other 3 friends have their predictions from the fortune-teller come true. Suddenly everyone is sure that Lucy will really be married within 18 months (including Lucy). Within a few short chapters I had narrowed down Lucy’s possible future husband down to one of two options among the characters introduced. Yes it was predictable and an offbeat combination of humor and drama. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an entirely successful venture into that style of book.

Lucy was just not likeable. I spent most of the book hoping she’d grow up and get a clue. It wasn’t enough to keep me from reading more of Marian Keyes’ books, but it’s not one I can recommend.