Publication Date: 2003
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 273

This is the second book in the Andy Carpenter series. Andy is still irreverent and funny. He’s got his loyal dog Tara by his side. This one opens with the death of a former cop, but he’s not someone that will be missed. Andy’s investigator and girlfriend Laurie is glad to hear Dolan is dead because he’s got a lot to do with why she’s no longer a cop. A potential client shows up at Andy’s office and tells Andy he’s the one who killed Dolan. Andy refuses to take the case mainly because the guy gives him the creeps.

I can’t say much more about the mystery or trial without giving away plot, but it’s another fun legal mystery type with more of and about Andy’s friends and staff.

I can share a few quotes that made me giggle along the way.

This is one of the reasons I like Andy – I suffer from the same addiction to sarcasm.

I mentally vow to swear off sarcasm for the duration of this case. I’m not sure if I can do it; my addiction goes way back. I wonder if they can make a sarcasm patch that I can wear to wean me off it.

Haven’t we all had meetings like this?

I leave after about a half hour, with Hobbs wishing me luck and offering to be available should I need more help in the future. I make a note to myself that if I ever want to have another completely unproductive meeeting that is a total waste of time, I will give him a call.

I think my uncle had this same medical problem

Vince snorts and points to his right knee. “Of course I’m sure. If I didn’t have this trick knee, I would have been fighting commies right alongside him.”

I point to his other knee. “I thought your left knee was the trick one.”

He nods without embarrassment. “That’s part of the trick.”

Start with the first one (Open and Shut) and enjoy this series, I’m looking forward to the next one in the series.