I love finding cool little independent bookstores when we travel. Last weekend we spent a few days down in Humboldt County California. Our primary purpose for the trip was the Avenue of the Giants race at Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The Hubster ran the half marathon and I walked the 10k.

6.2 miles through this is just an amazing experience.

Oh right – this is a book blog. Well, besides the race and meeting up with some friends there we had 2 other goals for the weekend. Check out some local brewpubs and and some local bookstores.

Old town Eureka is just a wonderful area. Lots of beautifully restored Victorian buildings and interesting shops.

Isn’t this wonderful??

Just a few blocks away is another little booklovers haven called “The Booklegger”.

I could have spent hours here

but there were brewpubs to get to.