I had a few reading goals for 2006 and I’m pleased to say that I met them and more.

I wanted to read through two A to Z lists (by author and by title). I completed this by mid September and I’m very glad I did this.

I wanted to do more than just record the titles, dates read, and number of pages for my books. I started keeping a document of notes on all my books that in July became the beginnings of this blog. I hadn’t set out to start a book blog this year, but I’m very glad I did and have had a blast.

I managed to squeeze in just one more book today that I can count for 2006.

Totals for 2006
25 audiobooks
77 “3-D” books (28,880 pages)

Grand Total for 2006:
102 books 🙂

My Top 5 books for the 2006 reading year are:

1. Hell at the Breech by Tom Franklin. It’s a brutal story, but so beautifully told.
2. One Foot in Eden by Ron Rash. Southern Literature at it’s best
3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. If not for my fellow book bloggers I would not have picked up this amazing book. For some reason it’s hiding in the young adult section and should be up front in every bookstore with a big “YOU NEED TO READ THIS!!” sign on it.
4. Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. A lost and only recently discovered novel set in occupied France during WWII. The story OF the book told in the appendices is as compelling as the story IN the book itself.
5. A multiple way tie between my favorite mystery/thriller series authors – Lee Child, Karin Slaughter, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Harlan Coben, and Jack Kerley.
6. (Because there’s no way I could limit myself to a top 5) Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson. This is a true adventure story and it’s fabulous.

I also participated in my first book blogger’s reading challenge with the From the Stacks Winter Reading Challenge. I’ve finished 7 books for this challenge and I want to thank Michelle for hosting this challenge and inspiring me to read some of those books that have been on the shelves for way too long.

I’ll be charging full speed into Reading Challenges tomorrow to kick off 2007. Les Miserables is such a huge book that I’m counting it for all 3 of my next challenges. Classics, Chunkster and TBR. My first challenge of 2007 will be to see if I can finish Les Miserables before the end of January.