Finally!! Between Holiday stuff and Baby Afghan finishing it seems like I’ve been reading at a snails pace the past week or so, but I’ve finally managed to get started and finish my first book for The From the Stacks Challenge sponsored by Overdue Books.
Tripwire by Lee Child

This is third book in Child’s Jack Reacher series. The hero is an ex- military policeman trying to live his life contentedly as a drifter. As it opens, Reacher is living in Key West, hand digging swimming pools by day and working as a bouncer at a strip club by night. A New York private detective shows up looking for him, but Reacher lies and claims to be someone else. By the next day, two unknown thugs are also looking for Reacher and the private detective is dead. This prompts Jack to head to New York to find out who is looking for him and why. A beautiful woman from his past and a villain who is as evil as they come are both part of the answer. Jack is a great character, a charming drifter who uses his military background to protect the good guys and see that the bad guys get what’s coming to them. He’s larger than life, but flawed as any good hero should be. It’s a tension filled thriller and I look forward to continuing with this series.