I’ve been hearing good things about this series for quite a while now and finally got around to picking up the first one. As the book begins, Maisie a single 32 year old woman is opening her own business as a private investigator in 1929 London. Her first case is a husband who suspects his wife is being unfaithful. As she begins to investigate, she is drawn into finding out more about a deceased WW1 veteran. Along the way, the reader also learns about Maisie’s own past, education and training. This book is a bit of historic fiction, a bit of romance, and less of a mystery than I’d expected. It’s really more of a slowly and gently told period piece about a woman who is remarkable for her time and place. Ultimately though, Maisie is a thoroughly enjoyable heroine and the setting in post World War I England is one I haven’t encountered much before. I’m looking forward to continuing the series.