I needed a brain vacation after reading (and wanting to continue to savor) One Foot in Eden, so I picked this one off the shelf. I enjoy Cussler’s books for pure escapism adventure. His heroes are a combination of Indiana Jones, James Bond, with a little bit of Aquaman tossed in. This one is the typical storyline. Ancient treasure is lost, evil megalomaniac or coalition is trying to take over the world and our brave heroes beat all odds to save the day, the world, humanity as we know it and get the beautiful girl, too. Who cares if it’s trite? It’s fun.

OK, I confess, I wrote that plot summary before I even read the book, but now that I’ve finished the book I’m not surprised at all that I don’t have to change it. All in all, a fun read for folks who like this kind of stuff. If you don’t like the genre, this book isn’t going to make you change your mind.