How to pack for vacation (by my friend Jan)
Vacation checklist in order of priority, is:
1. Pack more books than you could possibly read in one year let alone one week. Ditto with yarn and knitting patterns.

2. throw a few clothes in a suitcase.

3. drop dog at kennel.

Two minor modifications were necessary to adapt this for my own needs.

1. I don’t knit, I crochet. Yesterday I purchased the yarn for the baby afghan that I can work on while riding in the car, so that one is taken care of.

3. We don’t have a dog, so #3 is outta there.

Today is the first day that I can check books out of the library that won’t be due till we get back from vacation so I picked up two at one library on the way home tonight. Tomorrow I’ll stop at the other library and pick up the Book on Tape and Hardcover book that I requested and are waiting for me on the hold shelf. I was able to time both of those requests beautifully so that they became available within the perfect timing window to take on vacation.

All in all I’m putting about three times the effort into planning my books for vacation as I am in planning what clothes I’ll take. Sounds about right to me.